Thursday, 3 September 2009


These past few weeks have not been good.

Having gotten over the piggy flu just in time to completely fail to even submit my TMA6, I now find that I am several weeks behind on the course and my brain has turned to mush!  I’m even struggling with TMA7 and I have to make that up as I go along! Argggh!!! And now, to cap it all, I found out this morning that I didn’t get the job at Remploy, which is totally gutting after it having dominated my thoughts and life in general for the past three weeks.  I really felt that that was my best chance at finding employment and, having failed in that, I now expect to be unemployed for a while to come yet …

Meanwhile, I have registered for my next OU module, the A216 Art and its Histories starting in January.  During the break I have applied to do the “Start Writing Fiction” short course, to follow up on my mixed success with the poetry short course.  Wish me luck …

… now, back to TMA7.

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