Sunday, 5 July 2009


Well, it’s all over with ET … hardly a resounding success but neither was it a total failure.  And at least I still have my sanity.  Perhaps.  A good (though pricey) night out was had on Friday, though it started out in shaky form … not one but two pints of the quite horrific “Saltash Sunrise” Ale.  Ugh!

On the course front, I’m still running a week behind, and will struggle yet again to finish my TMA on time, but I reckon it can be done.  Meantime I’ve pretty much given up on my A175 course, though I think I’d better check when my second (and final) TMA is due on that one, too, soon.  I got my lowest mark of the course so far on my abortive TMA4 … although still a creditable 68%.  I’ve sent the original draft off to Claire to see what she makes of it.

Anywho, off to LIDL now to get some bread … must try to make these notes more often!